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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  October 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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where is william? this morning there's a nationwide search for a missing 11-year-old from our area. police say they have a man in custody for the murder of the boy's mother but right now have no idea where the child is. good morning. thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm joe krebs. this morning everyone is still talking about that tornado spotted on i-95. the national weather service confirmed the tornado touched down near the highway in northern virginia. people stuck in traffic on the highway used their cell phones to take pictures and video of the twister. this video was taken by darlene brock around 5:30 near quantico. you could see debris swirling as the traffic moved across the interstate. pretty spooky. no one was injured. however, it still rattled the nerves of a lot of folks trapped in their cars. >> the car was rocking, and there was debris hitting the car. it was just very terrifying. i thought maybe it was going to
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pick my car up and take me away, but it didn't. just rocked it some. >> imagine how fearsome that was. some of the worst storm damage is in vienna. the strong winds knocked over trees and power lines along hunter mill road and wickens road. dominion power worked through the night to restore electricity. at one point 5,000 people were in the dark. we just checked. they went down. right now there are about 850 outages. the weather rattled some already frazzled nerves in louisa county, virginia. a reported tornado touched down and blew the roof off this historic home. it's not far from the epicenter of the august earthquake in the town of mineral. a 3.0 magnitude aftershock hit mineral wednesday and forced the evacuation of two schools. wild weather last night, tom. hoping it would calm down today. >> great video. she did a wonderful job holding
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that camera steady. looking at that, they estimate it was only an ef-0 or ef-1 in the intensity scare. it was the least type of tornado we could ever get. thankfully, it was just swirling some leaves around mainly the impact of that. here comes some more rain, i'm afraid. it's advancing south to north. that's the latest radar showing some sprinkles now moving into fairfax county, prince william, and spotsylvania. light rain in fauquier county. that area of darker green stretches back towards r rappahannock and culpeper. the heavier rain towards charlottesville. we could have light rain arriving in washington over the next hour or so and then more moderate rain after that. right now temperatures are on the mild side in washington, and points east and southeast were in the mid and upper 60s. prince george's upper 60s. 50s, shenandoah valley and points west. we have our sunrise at 7:16. we'll have these showers from time to time this morning and
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early to midafternoon. maybe some thunder and lightning midday. and breezy and cooler as we clear out later this afternoon. back down into the 60s after we peak in the low 70s. much cooler tonight. a look at the evening planner. danella, how's our traffic? big problems on the beltway. just before i talk about it. want to you know i got word of a crash 295 southbound at howard road involving two vehicles. now on to the beltway. earlier this morning, an entire outer loop shut down as you make your way towards 355. now it's open. you're not only seeing crowding here around connecticut avenue. your delays actually start at new hampshire avenue. these cars a lot of brake lights as they continue on the outer loop and make their commute. that's a lot of traffic for this time of morning. just be patient as you make your way out. traveling i-270, starting to see definitely some delays out of urbanna, slow towards clarksburg. now as you make your way towards father hurley and head towards shady grove, seeing crowding there as you make your way
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towards the spur. good news here, no accidents in either direction on 270. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> danella, thanks so much. this morning a search for a missing maryland boy stretches up and down the entire east coast. his mother has been murdered, and his stepfather is in police custody. an amber alert remains in effect for 11-year-old william mcquain. montgomery police found mcquain dead in her home on saturday night. they then followed her car to charlotte, north carolina, where they arrested her estranged husband carlos lopez. william mcquain has not been to school since september 20th. the school made several calls trying to find out where he was. lopez has not said anything about his stepson's disappearance. tonight parents will return to the nightclub where their son died to announce plans of a lawsuit.
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ali muhammad died outside dc-9 on "u" street in washington. five employees were initially accused of beating muhammad for throwing a rock through the club's window. prosecutors said there was a lack of evidence against them. the family is now filing a civil suit citing the coroner's findings that the death was a homicide. new from overnight. police say a suspected drunk driver caused a nasty crash in northwest washington. the person hit another driver head on at 16th street near kennedy street around 1:30 this morning. there are only minor injuries. we're told the person responsible did stay on the scene to be interviewed by police. right now a showdown is brewing between protesters and street cleaners in new york city. in less than an hour at 6:00, public works personnel are scheduled to move in and power wash the private park where protesters have been camped out
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since september 17th. park owners say it's made the place unsanitary. protesters say the effort is just to kick them out. instead, they've been up all night cleaning the area themselves. they blame wall street and corporate interests for economic problems. an earthquake struck off the coast of the south asian island nation of papua new guinea. the 6.7 quake struck 62 miles east of lae on the country's noern coanorthern coast. no tsunami alert has been issued. papua new guinea is in the ring of fire, where 90% of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. the president pushed for the toughest sanctions against the tehran government for their role in the attempted assassination of a saudi arabian minister. two men have been charged with
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attempting to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states. the officials say they had the backing of iran. the leesburg man accused of spying for syria heads to court today. mohammed swade was born in syria, but he was a naturalized u.s. citizen. he monitored syrian expatriates who moved to the u.s. syria's government denies that. today prosecutors will ask to keep him locked up until his trial. president obama is heading to michigan today to push his jobs plan. the president is taking south korea's president lee myung-bak with him. they'll tour the general motors assembly plant in lake ryan. mr. obama and mr. lee will talk about the trade agreement reached between the united states and south korea. president obama says the long awaited agreement is good for both countries. the deal could reportedly expand u.s. exports by $11 billion. not even last night's thunderous downpours could
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dampen the spirits at the white house state dinner. the skies opened up as guests started to arrive last night. many of the hems of the guests' floor length gowns were soaked, and men's tuxedos also got wet. the big question this morning, who was michelle obama wearing? the first lady wore an asymmetrical violet gown by a korean designer zu lee chung. she topped the entire ensemble with her black and crystal belt. i thought mrs. obama looked perfect, stunning, gorgeous. >> she always does. >> right. but so beautiful. you know all of a sudden is going to get a big huge boost is the korean-american designer. >> he's not selling hit stuff at target. >> she. but not yet. we could see a line, let's hope. >> our time is 6:08. ahead today is the day a lot of
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and save $400 to $800 on our newest, most innovative bed sets. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. weather and traffic on the ones. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. more rain now heading north, moving into maryland out of
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virginia. just now coming into the district of columbia. it's light rain initially. we'll get some sprinkles. from takoma park to adelphi, poolesville, we'll have the rain picking up in intensity as the morning progresses. right now low to mid-60s in washington and the nearby suburbs. 50s shenandoah valley into the mountains. mid and upper 60s near the eastern shore. we'll have passing showers, light to moderate all the way to early afternoon. we should clear out by later this afternoon and a gusty northwest wind gust to go around 25 miles an hour as we clear out this afternoon. before then, the low 70s. back down into the 50s this evening under a clearing sky with that blustery wind. much cooler tomorrow morning. we'll look at that, the weekend forecast, and into next week at 6:21. how's traffic now, danella? traveling 395 at edsall, i have an accident. this one is in the right shoulder lane. the roadway is still very clear on 395. as you continue towards the 14th
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street bridge at this time, not seeing any major delays. getting a little busy on the 14th street bridge, but the lanes are opening, still making good travel time. taking the outer loop of the beltway, very different story. here's the view from new hampshire avenue. delays. you are bumper to bumper from new hampshire avenue continuing on the outer loop towards connecticut avenue. after you pass connecticut avenue, that's where you'll see your relief. we had an earlier accident that shut down the outer loop. it's now open. back seeing delays. which redskins?
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now's the time to get in
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line. the iphone 4s goes on sale in less than two hours. news 4's tracee wilkins is outside the apple store in georgetown, where some people spent the night on the sidewalk in the rain waiting for the doors to open. >> reporter: we have dozens of people out here. they're going all the way down the block. here's what's really cool. the apple folks came out and started passing out water. not just any kind of water, but smart water that has all the good electrolight ins ielectrol are well refreshed to come in and spend their money. one of the guys out here is jamie. how are you doing? >> good. cold. >> reporter: you're in your socks. what's up with that? >> i had to relax my feet. >> reporter: all right. you had -- you're a sprint customer, you said. this will be your first iphone. why make the transition? >> i love apple products.
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i think they're -- you know, they just work. i like them. i've been waiting to get an iphone. i didn't want to leave sprint. i'm happy they finally worked a deal out, and i got the phone. >> reporter: that's part of the reason they sold so many. last week they sold more than 1 million in one day. they're saying that's because of all the carriers who are now providing the phone -- sprint, nextel, verizon, and at&t all providing iphones now. what's the first thing you're going to do when you get the phone? >> i have no idea. >> reporter: take a picture in the store maybe because it has a better camera. >> text my friends. >> reporter: text your friends. that's right. do they know you're out here? >> now they do. i'm on the news. >> reporter: a lot of folks out here waiting for this store to open. this one opens at 8:00 a.m. they're going to storm and get their iphones. faster phone, longer battery life, all that good stuff. evidently, that's what customers want, and they're willing to
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wait for it. tracee wilkins live in georgetown. back to you in the studio. >> apple co-founder steve wozniak was among those to be the first in line to get a new iphone. he already ordered two online, but he wants to get this one for his wife and doesn't mind waiting all night long. he's in front of his local apple store in northern california. the ceo of research in motion, the company that makes blackberry, apologized for the four-day outage and said everything has been fixed. the service disruption started on monday after a switch malfunctioned at the company's data center. some e-mails may still be delayed because of backlogged messages. prosecutors will have to wait until next week to wrap up the manslaughter case against michael jackson's doctor. prosecutors called the leading expert on the anesthetic propofol to the stand before the judge called a recess until monday. yesterday a sleep expert testified it was inconceivable that conrad murray would use
6:19 am
propofol to treat insomnia. he testified that using a cocktail of drugs including propofol could be a, quote, recipe for disaster. >> i think all bets are off. you really can't still be 100% sure that that is not enough to kind of tip them along that sedation continuum and cause a deeper level of sedation and compromise their ability to breathe. >> a defense witness will testify that jackson took eight pills of lorazepam without murray's knowledge, ultimately causing jackson's death. a birthday celebration for a chechen leader accused of human rights violations, actress hillary swank will make things right. she'll donate the money she earned. the oscar winner was one of several at the event last week to celebrate his 35th birthday. he's been accuseded of torture
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and other crimes. swank says she deeply regrets attending the event and she's committed to the protection of human rights. herman cain is dominating decision 2012 this morning. he is leading a new poll of florida republicans taken by the american research council. he finished with 34%. former massachusetts governor mitt romney finished second with 28%. former house speaker newt gingrich came in third with 11%. and texas governor rick perry, who had once surged in the polls, finished with just 5%. remember cain finished first in a florida straw poll three weeks ago. a year after one of their most embarrassing losses ever, the redskins are looking for revenge against the eagles. last year philadelphia rolled into washington and dominated like few teams before them. they whuped the skins 59-28. we just want to forget that game. michael vick threw for four
6:21 am
touchdowns and ran for two more. this year the eagles' record is 1-4, but the redskins say they are still expecting a fight. >> they're 1-4, but they still score about 26 points a galme. if you score 26, that's usually going to get you a lot of wins. we know they're dangerous, and they have play makers across the field. >> the redskins are currently in sole possession of first across the nfc east. sunday's game starts at 1:00 p.m. >> i hate it when you see the guy running backwards into the end zone. the nfl has the ultimate compliment, and that's to be called mean. the redskins have one of the meanest players in the league. lavon landry was named one of the ninth meanest players in the nfl. he apparently leads up to his nickname dirty 30. is there a difference between being dirty and mean?
6:22 am
>> watch out eagles. don't mess with laron. go skins. 6:21, 65 degrees. meteorologist tom kierein with more rain on the way. what's going on? >> it's looking good actually. should be good weather for the game on sunday. yes, this morning we do have more rain. it's light rain in the areas of green. right now light rain in fairfax, loudoun, prince william, fauquier, stafford and spotsylvania, stafford and culpeper getting light rain. and there's patchy moderate rain passing west of washington with sprinkles in the northern neck and heavier downpours in northern virginia. temperatures around the region in the 60s right nat nearby suburbs and washington and southern maryland and near the bay. as the day progresses, expect passing showers through early afternoon and up into the low 70s by then. maybe some thunder and lightning too. breezy and turning cooler as we clear out this afternoon. from 3:00 or 4:00.
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ought to get the sun back. cooler this evening, in the 50s. 40s by dawn saturday. windy and cool on saturday. sunshine back, gusts to 35 miles an hour tomorrow. sunday and monday, great weather, lighter winds. highs near 70. could get more rain tuesday into wednesday next week. danella, how's traffic? good news. if you're taking bw parkway in maryland, no problems there. if you're taking 295 in d.c., still have report of an accident as you travel southbound at howard road. i have a two-vehicle crash there. moving on to the sousa bridge, seeing an accident here blocking your left lane. i'm watching this camera for you. they're zoomed in. i'm going to let you know in ten minutes how this accident is shaping up. back to you both. >> thank you, danella. 6:23. an alarming arrest. what police say a convicted
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welcome back at 6:26. errors by air traffic controllers have more than doubled in the past three years. that's according to a government report.
6:27 am
the faa attributes the increase in part to better reporting. they say it has improved its reporting system. not so sunny side up. an official of the international monetary fund almost got egged while delivering a speech. it was all caught on camera. take a look. imf economist mark lewis was delivering a keynote speech to economics students in university of turkey, when he had to duck behind a podium to avoid the eggs. he ended up dodging the eggs until they were escorted away. once they did leave the lecture hall, lewis continued with his speech. >> quick reflexes, i have to say, right? good thing for him. 6:27. 65 i am a face unclogger.
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i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies.
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amber alert. this morning people up and down the east coast are being told to
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look out for this missing boy, the son of a murder victim missing for several days. >> good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. it is october 14th, 2011. right now let's take a live look outside at 6:30. 65 degrees out there. wild weather overnight. we're looking for calmer skies. it's still wet out there. meteorologist tom kierein to tell us more. hoping for a nice weekend, tom. >> it does look like we'll get pay back just in time for the weekend. but, yes, unfortunately, another unbr umbrella day. we had rain return after a respite for the last five or six hours. coming out of the south, where you see those areas of green, that's light rain. here in washington getting sprinkles. in montgomery, prince george's, fairfax, and arlington, but farther to the south, that area of dark green and yellow, it's a more moderate rain in prince william and fauquier. much of that moderate rain has been passing west of the metro area over the next couple of hours. right now low and mid-60s
6:32 am
throughout most of the region. 60s in shenandoah valley and into the mountains. mid and upper 60s into the bay, northern neck, and eastern shore. sunrise 6:15. expect passing showers and have the umbrella with you. moderate downpours with thunder and lightning. then we ought to clear out just in time for midafternoon and for the afternoon commute. it will turn blustery too with winds gusting to around 25 or 30 miles an hour in the northwest by late this afternoon. turning much chiller tonight, a look at the friday evening planner in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. if you're taking 395 in your right shoulder lane at edsall. have a vehicle here that's just about to get towed. police are on the scene with the tow truck up there. if you're taking 395, i am seeing delays as you make your way from edsall and head towards seminary road. here's the delay at duke street. i checked out the bridge for you. so far no accidents, and you're
6:33 am
clear as you head into the city. our big trouble spot today is the outer loop of the beltway. still very slow. your delays actually start as you pass i-95, head out on the beltway, and make your way towards connecticut avenue. your lanes are going to be packed the entire way bumper to bumper. back to you both. 6:32 now. this is the second day of an amber alert for an 11-year-old maryland boy. we're learning he may have been in danger for much longer than that. no one has seen william mcquain since september 30th. that was the last day he was in school. police found his mother jane mcquain dead inside her germantown home on wednesday night. police say the stepfather curtis lopez did not live at the home, but a witness recently saw him loading items from the house into an suv. detectives traced that vehicle to charlotte, north carolina, where they arrested lopez. the boy's school sent automated calls to his home. it later reached the family's emergency contact. william mcquain also played
6:34 am
football with a rec league. the coach says the team is worried but is hopeful. >> right now all we know is what we hear on the news. as a community, the e-mails have been going out through this organization all day. we're just hoping and praying for a safe return for william. >> police say lopez gave them inconsistent statements. sources tell news 4 he did hire a lawyer. a sex offender is in custody this morning after getting into a locker room at fairfax high school. police say that zemar megerai from california was arrested this week for trying to use the showers at the school. boys report they saw him in the locker room at the school the day earlier. at last check megerai is still in jail. the man suspected in the disappearance of a local woman in aruba has a new attorney this morning. zuway defended two security guards who were once suspected in the disappearance of natalee
6:35 am
holloway. giordano is being held in the disappearance of robyn gardnermegardner. he claims she disappeared while they were snorkeling. catching a cab in arlington county could cost you more soon. "the washington post" reports an arlington county board is deciding whether to raise the basic taxi fare by 25 cents and add another 50 cents for each passenger 12 years old or older. the cabs would also be required to accept credit cards by next april. the board still needs to set a public hearing on that proposal, though. an alert for metro riders. major delays this week, and crews are doing a lot of track work. trains single tracking between certain stops on the red line, blue line, orange line, and yellow line. metro says riders should add about 20 minutes to their travel time. single tracking starts at 10:00 tonight and ends tomorrow night. the work will finish before the martin luther king jr. memorial dedication. to accommodate the crowds, metro will open two hours early at 5:00 a.m. on sunday. and tens of thousands of people are expected to attend
6:36 am
the dedication of the martin luther king jr. national memorial on sunday. the original dedication was postponed back in august because of hurricane irene. sunday's event is being scaled back, but up to 50,000 people are still expected to attend. the memorial, which is on the western edge of the tidal basin, is still the last of its kind to be built on the mall. >> workers will remove the last of four pinnacles on the top of the national cathedral. four spires broke off during the earthquake in august. the cathedral is scheduled to reopen to the public, saturday, november 12th, but ongoing repairs could take ten years and tens of millions of dollars to complete. 6:36 is the time right now. the "today" show, of course, is coming up next at 7:00. let's check in with matt lauer now to see what they're working on this morning. matt, good morning to you. >> hey, joe, good morning to you. coming up on a friday here on "today," we're following breaking news in new york where
6:37 am
the city is now apparently backing down from a plan to clear and clean the park that's home to the occupy wall street movement. we'll get the latest in a live report. also ahead, how does one time gop front-runner rick perry explain his sudden dip in the polls. what can he do to turn his campaign around? governor perry will join us for a live interview. why he says he became addicted to spying on the rich and famous. and the middleton effect of kate, pip pa, and their mom are impacting fashion all around the world. all that and more when we get started on a friday morning here on "today." >> thanks, matt. we'll be watching. >> have a great weekend. it's now 6:37. 64 degrees.
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where you'll see more officers.
6:41 am
time for weather and traffic this friday morning. time for more rain. we're getting light rain in much of montgomery, and moderate to light rain in prince william, fairfax, and fauquier. more moderate rain southwest into culpeper county, fauquier, and rappahannock. that is advancing to the north. from pet worth to laurel, palmer park, falls church, and wheaton we will have wet roads and streets and sidewalks for the morning commute. all the way into early afternoon, the passing showers. right now low to mid-60s in the metro area. we'll have the clearing after this shower activity ends by early afternoon. we'll be clearing out by later this afternoon with a blustery northwest wind. and then overnight tonight, for your friday evening planner, we'll be clearing out and turning much cooler in the 50s by mid to late evening and a gusty northwest wind. a look at much cooler weather for tomorrow morning, the
6:42 am
weekend forecast, and next week in ten minutes. danella, how's our traffic now? still a bit rough on the beltway. outer loop, as you're making your way towards 355, have an accident here taking away your left lane, and delays on the outer loop actually start around i-95. you're very crowded as you pass new hampshire avenue. here's a look right now. you can see we're bumper to bumper. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> danella, thank you. it sounds like something out of the wizard of the roads in e
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
middle of rush hour. it's been a rough week for med metro riders on the orange line. but sweet relief could be coming. metro is changing service during peak rush hours to try to help. six new trains will run on the orange line and the yellow line during rush hour. three new trains heading in each direction. there will also be orange line service at five stations that currently serve only the blue line. metro says this realignment will benefit more than 100,000 riders daily. metro transit police are stepping up patrols at the suitland station after a series of armed robberies. police say a man with a gun has approached at least five riders in the suitland parking garage and demanded property before running off. the most recent incident was
6:46 am
yesterday morning. the robberies come at the same time that a man allegedly sexually assaulted two women at the station. police arrested a man for those crimes earlier this week. police are asking for your help in solving a sex assault case in the district. police say a woman was assaulted in the 400 block of "g" street northeast around this time wednesday morning. police say she was walking when the man grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. the man was seen riding a small bicycle. if you have any information, call d.c. police. cuba wants more than offered in a proposed prisoner swap with the u.s. it would involve the release of alan gross from potomac, maryland. he's serving a 15-year sentence for bringing illegal communications equipment into cuba in 2009. that equipment was going to help a cuban jewish community. cuba says rene gonzalez, the cuban prisoner, already served most of his sentence for an espionage conviction. cuba wants four others convicted with gonzalez to also be
6:47 am
released. a leesburg man accused of spying for syria goes to court tod today. he was born in syria but is a u.s. naturalized citizen. he worked with damascus monitoring expatriates who moved to the u.s. today prosecutors will ask to keep him locked up until his trial. today tim kaine leads the virginia money race. the former virginia governor raised $1.3 million in cam tan contributions. all allen, also a former governor, raised $900,000 over the same period. both have raised about $3.5 million each for their campaigns. cain declared his candidacy in april. allen has been campaigning since january. 6:47 is the time. maryland governor martin o'malley is pushing lawmakers to push president obama's now stalled jobs bill. o'malley told his colleagues to, quote, do it as soon as possible. people in our states need jobs.
6:48 am
mr. obama says he plans to submit individual pieces of the bill to congress, forcing members to vote on ideas that he says have the support of the general public. falling into the gap is about to get a little more difficult. the popular chain will be closing a lot of stores. cnbc's brian schactman is live with more on that. >> about one-third of u.s. stores reducing the number by 2013. it's not clear how many jobs will be cut by gap. the company is expanding its presence overseas, looking to triple stores in china over the next year. this move is aimed at improving margins as retailers struggling to generate profits in the current economic situation with a slowdown in the u.s. economy. google reportedly creating an online music store to compete with amazon and apple's itunes. "the wall street journal" says google has been holding talks about licensing their music catalogs. only emi is close to a deal, we're told.
6:49 am
google launched a beta music site in may but only offers a small slate of songs. we'll see if they get in the mix. the competition online heating up. back to you guys. >> brian, thank you so much. have a great weekend. everyone is still talking about the tornado spotted on i-95. the national weather service confirmed na a tornado touched down near the highway in northern virginia. people stuck in traffic on the highway used their cell phones to take pictures and video of the twister. this video was taken by darlene brock around 5:30 yesterday afternoon in quantico. you can see the debris swirling as it moved across the interstate. no one was injured, but it still did rattle the nerves for a lot of folks who felt they were trapped in their cars. >> the car was rocking, and there was debris hitting the car. it's just very terrifying. i thought maybe it was going to pick my car up and take me away, but it didn't. just rocked it some. >> some of the worst storm
6:50 am
damage is in vienna. the strong winds knocked over trees and power lines along hunterville road and wickens road. dominion worked through the night to restore electricity. at one point about 5,000 people were in the dark. we just checked the numbers. the numbers went down over the past 45 minutes. right now 820 outages. the weather rattled already frazzled nerves in louisa county, virginia. a reported tornado touched down and blew the roof off of this historic home. it's not far from the epicenter of that august earthquake in the town of mineral. a 3.2 aftershock actually hit mineral on wednesday and forces the evacuation of two schools there. the storms caused some confusion at the university of maryland. the university sent out alerts that a tornado was going to hit campus and students and faculty should seek shelter. however, a tornado warning was not issued for college park. accuweather alerted them to rotation in the storm. so they issued the alert as a precaution.
6:51 am
the national weather service says there was no tornado in college park. >> hopefully no tornadoes or anything of that kind today. are we going to have calmer weather? it doesn't look like we'll have the severe weather we had yesterday. the tornado was the smallest on the intensity scale we can get, about the weakest. it was generally what we call an ef-0 or ef-1 tornado. it was a week one, touched down briefly. brief winds like 75, 80 miles an hour. enough, though, to loosen a lot of leaves on the trees, as we saw there in the video. some of it going to get blown down too with gusty winds later today. nothing from any tornadoes, i don't think. look at the radar. we've got more rain marching through virginia, heading into maryland and the district of columbia. those pockets of orange and yellow, where it's coming down a little harder, getting some moderate rain right in southern loudoun county from right near
6:52 am
sterling over to ashburn. and into far western fairfax county and into reston and western fairfax. that's heading across the potomac. should be heading into potomac, maryland, in gaithersburg and rockville over the next hour or so. low to mid-60s throughout most of the region. 66 at reagan national. a bit cooler to our west. sunrise at 7:16 this morning. have your umbrella with you. we'll have passing showers from time to time. it will be breezy this afternoon as highs reach the low 70s by midafternoon. then your evening planner will have it down into the 50s by later this evening with a blustery wind coming in out of the north and west gusting to 25 miles an hour. that wind will be more intense on saturday, 40s in the morning. highs upper 60s. winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. highs near 70 both days. and does look like on tuesday, tuesday night and wednesday, we could get some more showers. heading to the skins game on sunday, should be great weather for footballs. the skins take on the eagles at 1:00. should be around 70 degrees.
6:53 am
partly cloudy through the game with a southwest breeze. now, danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. while traveling in southeast, taking the sousa bridge heading towards the anacostia freeway, very slow for you. had an earlier crash this morning, and we're still seeing a lot of delays. taking 270 in maryland, also seeing a lot of delays here. here's the view at falls road. your delays start at father hurley as you continue south towards the spur. taking i-66 in virginia, also very slow at waples mill road. your delays start at fair oaks and continue as you make your way towards the beltway and head inside the beltway. give yourself extra time this morning. it may be a tough commute. now back to you both. >> 6:53. happening today, the iphone 4s goes on sale just about one hour from now. this one is available to more cell customers than ever before. one man told us he'd have to wait two weeks to get it in the mail. so he chose to spend the night
6:54 am
in line. news 4's tracee wilkins is live outside the apple store in georgetown with diehard iphone fans. i guess you'd have to be to spend the night outside in the rain. >> reporter: on wisconsin avenue. you have to be a diehard fan to be out here. look at all the diehard fans we have. dozens of people have lined up hoping to get the iphone 4s. it's faster, has a better camera, and all that good stuff. austin is out here. what time did you get here last night? >> i got here at 3:00 p.m. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon 3:00 p.m.? >> yes. >> reporter: this is why austin is first in line. i'm so happy you're up. i didn't want to disturb you earlier because you were sleeping, and now i understand why. why are you out here? why this phone? >> i wanted to make sure i got one. you know, wasn't doing anything. it's always fun to come out here. just really no big reason. >> reporter: so you have your ipad? do you already have an iphone? do you have the iphone 4
6:55 am
already? >> i do. >> reporter: so now you want the "s"? why? what's so special about this phone? >> i'm really looking forward to the better camera. i think it's the biggest difference i'm going to use. siri also seems really cool. i'm excited to try that out. >> reporter: good luck with it. austin is going to be first in line. well, he is first in line. he'll be first in the store. he'll definitely get a phone. hopefully, all the rest of the folks out here will as well. they already sold more than 1 million when this thing went on presale last week. that was in just one day. sales are up, and the line is long. tracee wilkins live in georgetown. back to you all in the studio. >> got to give it to austin for the dedication. tracee, thanks so much. 3:00 p.m. yesterday, joe. >> i hope he remembered to bring his wallet. wouldn't that be a bummer to go in, oh, man, hate it when that happens. we are getting into the apple hysteria as well. >> if you're an nbc 4 facebook fan, you can win an apple ipad 2
6:56 am
perhaps just like our nbc washington page on facebook and sign up to win great prizes. we do pick a winner at 6:00 a.m. we'll make the announcement during the 11:00 p.m. news cast tonight. checking our top stories. this just in, street cleaning that could have pushed out the wall street protesters has been postponed. protesters said the cleanup was an attempt to evict them from the private park where they've been demonstrating since september 17th. president obama heads to michigan today to tout his jobs plan. he's taking president lee myung-bak with him to tour a general motors plant. up to 10,000 people expected on the national mall to celebrate the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. metro is opening at 5:00 a.m. to help. an amber alert is out for 11-year-old william mcquain. montgomery county police found his mother jane mcquain dead inside her home on thursday night. detectives found her suv at a hotel in charlotte, north
6:57 am
carolina, where they arrested the boy's stepfather and the woman's estranged husband, curtis lopez. >> out the door forecast, tom? grab an umbrella before you head out to work and school. all the way into early afternoon, maybe a little thunder and lightning too. clearing out this afternoon. breezy and cooler. by dawn saturday the 40s. over the weekend, windy tomorrow but sunny. great weather for the memorial dedication. should be sunny. now, how's traffic, danella? right now on the roadways, still very busy outer loop of the -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur?] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats
6:58 am
that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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